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Staff and Clients at All for the Hall (Belushi party)
Staff and Clients at CVXLive2017-2
Shomari Hearn attending RMC 2017
Staff and Clients at All for the Hall Feb. 2018
Larry, David, Eric and Christian Busath
Maddie Wilson and Larry Elkin at Lantern Fest Dallas 2017
headshot of Larry Elkin.

Larry M. Elkin
Founder, President

Larry founded the firm that would become Palisades Hudson in 1992, in his home state of New York; today, he is based out of the firm’s headquarters in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, though he travels regularly to meet with clients across the country and abroad. Larry works closely with the firm’s Entertainment and Sports practice, and is a member of industry group Film Florida. Larry received his B.A. in journalism from the University of Montana and his M.B.A. in accounting from New York University. To read more about Larry, click here. Some highlights of Larry’s extensive writing about entertainment topics include:

headshot of Shomari Hearn.

Shomari D. Hearn
Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer

As executive vice president and chief operating officer, Shomari holds executive responsibility for all of the firm’s operations and for strategic initiatives – including the Entertainment and Sports practice, which he heads alongside Vice President Eric Meermann. Based in the firm’s Fort Lauderdale headquarters, Shomari travels regularly to meet with clients, including business management clients Bekuh BOOM, Chaz Mishan, Kendall Schmidt and Shari Short. A graduate of Duke University, Shomari has been part of Palisades Hudson’s staff for more than 20 years, and established its first branch office in 2005. To read more about Shomari, click here. His writing on music, sports and more includes:

headshot of Eric Meermann.

Eric Meermann
Vice President

Eric is the senior client service executive in Palisades Hudson’s Stamford, Connecticut office, from which he serves clients across the country. Along with Shomari Hearn, he heads the Entertainment and Sports practice. Eric graduated from New York University’s Stern School of Business, and has been a part of the Palisades Hudson team since 2000. To read more about Eric, click here. Eric’s recent writing on sports and entertainment topics includes:

headshot of David Walters.

David Walters
Vice President

David established Palisades Hudson’s West Coast presence in 2012, when he moved to Oregon, where he currently resides. He has also worked in the firm’s Northeast and South Florida offices since joining the Palisades Hudson team in 2002. Originally a native of Wisconsin, David is a graduate of New York University’s Stern School of Business. He provides business management services to clients including Kendall Schmidt. To read more about David, click here. To read David’s most recent writing on entertainment topics, check out:

Jackson Estate Was No ‘Thriller’ For The IRS

headshot of Melinda Kibler.

Melinda Kibler
Senior Client Service Manager

Melinda is based in the firm’s Fort Lauderdale headquarters, where she supervises the staff of client services professionals. A client service manager since 2014, she first joined the team as a summer intern in 2008 and is a cum laude graduate of the University of Rochester. Melinda provides services for clients nationwide, including business management for Chaz Mishan and Shari Short. To read more about Melinda, click here. Melinda’s recent writing on sports and music includes:

SCOTUS Blows The Whistle On College Sports
Taxing Creativity Across State Lines
Who Shares The Fruits Of Naomi Osaka’s Success?

headshot of ReKeithen Miller.

ReKeithen Miller
Senior Client Service Manager

ReKeithen joined the Palisades Hudson team in 2007 and has been based out of Atlanta since 2008. Today, he supervises the staff of client service professionals out of the Atlanta office and serves clients nationwide, including providing business management for singer-songwriter Madilyn Paige. ReKeithen graduated with honors from the University of Florida, and is a native of Tallahassee. To read more about ReKeithen, click here. For a sample of ReKeithen’s sports writing, check out:

When Fantasy Sports Get Real

headshot of Thomas Walsh.

Thomas Walsh
Senior Client Service Manager

A native of Ormond Beach, Florida, Thomas joined Palisades Hudson as part of the firm’s Atlanta office 2011. A manager since 2015, Thomas now serves clients nationwide from his home in Palm Coast. He is a cum laude graduate of the University of Florida. To read more about Thomas, click here. Some highlights from Thomas’ writing on music and more:

headshot of Ashley Luhmann.

Ashley Luhmann
Financial Planning Manager

Ashley joined the Palisades Hudson team in 2017 and is based in the greater Denver area. As a financial planning manager, Ashley supports the Entertainment and Sports team in a variety of capacities, including royalty collection, bookkeeping, marketing and training support. A musician in her own right, Ashley graduated from the University of Northern Colorado in 2010 with a major in sports medicine and a minor in music education and performance; she has furthered her music business education with courses from the Berklee School of Music Online and at Downtown’s “Summer School.” To read more about Ashley, click here. Her writing on music, athletics and more includes: